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ミニピンを探した時にインターネットで見つけたかっこいいミニピンがヨーロッパのミニピンでした。そんなミニピンに憧れたものの海外では難しいなと日本で生まれたミニピンを数匹購入したもののやはりヨーロッパのミニピンへの憧れが強さを増すばかりでした。昔Pinscher Worldのサイトから大好きなMaltatuli Lady Charmの写真をよく見てました。すごく私のタイプの子で運よくもスウェーデン Camalis KennelのオーナーCarolaからLadyの最後の娘 Graceを譲り受け、迎えに行く時に初めてのスウェーデンにあまりに衝撃を受け、それ以来定期的にスウェーデンに訪れるほど南スウェーデンが大好きになりました。Graceを迎え私の生活は変わりました。Graceがすごくアクティブだったためです。でもそんなアクティブな犬が大好きです。Graceを迎えに行ってからスウェーデンという知らない国に強く興味を持つようになりました。犬と人との距離がとても素敵だなと思って定期的に行くようになりました。北欧はドッグショーやヘルステストがとても誠実だなと感じ、北欧で審査やヘルステストなどを受けるようにしてます。



I'm Chiaki Asano,live in Kanagawa,Japan.There has beach and mountain area.Chigasaki beach is very famous in Japan.Chigasaki is dog friendly city. The beach has many dogs in sunny day holiday.My house has doggies running area.My dogs enjoy playing and sun bathing time.

My dog's life is very long.When I was born,my home had a dog girl.She was very strong.My parents was hard day,I stayed my parents friend home who is dog trainer.He taught how to get along with dogs for me.He took me to the river and mountains with his dogs.His dogs helped me in nature area.It was very nice experiences.So I became to love dogs so much.

I became an adult and started to work in the office.The working was very hard and long time.I visited doggies zoo?(we can touch or walk zoo's dogs.But I don't know correct ward) in my holiday.I want to feel dogs. But I feeled the dogs were not happy.So I can't go there.My office was move.So we can bring our dogs.So I started to search breed.I want short coat,small size,happy and active dogs.I decited Miniature Pinscher.
I got some Minipins from Japan.But they have some problems.But I want healty Minipins.I am interesting in European Minipins.Camalis Kennel orner Carola and I discussed about dog life and Minipins standard long time.So she sent Grace to me.IWhen I picked Grace up in Sweden I like there.I wanted to go back with Grace again.So I have stayed Sweden sometimes.Grace likes playing other my girls.But She is very powerful.I feel she need same type friend.I saw sale information for Jewel again.I sent message Achina's Kennel orner Jaana.She checked my updating Grace something.She asked Carola about me.Jaana sent me sweet Jewel.
Carola sent me messege,If you use to breed her I am interesting .So I started to be already Grace&Jewel for breeding.I use eyes check and mentality test(BPH) in Sweden and JAHD(knees,elbows and hip) in Japan.And I start to use Embark's DNA test this year.I think dogs need healty body and temperament!It is most important for dogs.

Thank you for Carola and Jaana send your sweet girl Grace&Jewel.I am thinking best dogs life for my dogs.I think dogs are important walking and eating.